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  [Interview] Hilary Duff At home in Brooklyn by ELLE Magazine (USA)
The 'Younger' star takes a breather from the on-set drama, drugs, and Diva Cups. "I think that since I started on TV I always feel comfortable doing TV," says Hilary Duff, who became a household name by playing a precocious tween on the hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire. Now, in her first lead small-screen project in more than a decade, she has ditched the cartoon interstitials for something slightly more grounded in reality: Darren Star's forthcoming...
 Published 14/01/2015  Categories: Interviews, Magazines, Photoshoots  Read Full Post
  [INTERVIEW] Hilary covers Health Magazine
I Know What Makes Me Happy: Hilary Duff After taking two years off to spend time with her young son, Hilary Duff is back with a big album, a buzz-worthy TV show, and a grown-up take on body confidence. Hilary Duff wants to explain her outfit. The reason she has come to out interview in leggings, a battered t-shirt and a pair of golden goose sneakers? She's heading to dance rehearsal after lunch to prep for a video for her new album. it just happens to...
 Published 15/11/2014  Categories: Interviews, Magazines, Photos, Photoshoots, Videos  Read Full Post
  [INTERVIEW] The return of Hilary Duff – ELLE Canada
This crossover star talks motherhood, love and her new album. Hilary Duff is getting her nails done and tweeting to fans at the same time, exposing the delicate tattoos that line the insides of her pale arms. She’s talking to Luca, her son with Canadian former NHL player Mike Comrie, as she gets ready for the cover shoot; he is teary after an early-morning flight to Toronto and a little bored of playing with toy cars. At 27, Duff has grown up a lot in...
 Published 15/11/2014  Categories: Interviews, Magazines, Photoshoots, Videos  Read Full Post
  [Photos] New Photoshoot
I've added to the gallery 4 high and medium quality photos from a photoshoot by Andrew Tauber that Hilary did while she was in Australia last week. Be sure to check them out below. Hilary looks beautiful. GALLERY LINK PHOTOSHOOTS > 2014 > ANDREW...
 Published 16/09/2014  Categories: Photos, Photoshoots  Read Full Post
  [Photos] New Hilary Photoshoot
Today I came accross with a new photoshoot by Toby Zerna that Hilary did in Sydney. I've added 8 high and medium quality photos to the gallery. Be sure to check them out below. Hilary looks amazing! GALLERY LINK PHOTOSHOOTS > 2014 > TOBY...
 Published 10/09/2014  Categories: Photos, Photoshoots  Read Full Post
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